Christa & Luke’s Wedding at Villas Estival , Penca Beach

Christa & Luke had a wonderful beachfront ceremony in Villas Estival.  Penca Beach is one of my favorite beaches, something about the white sand, reef on both sides and sun setting in the horizon just makes me happy every time I go there. This day wasn’t the exception.

Christa & Luke were gathered by their closest friends on their wedding day.  I loved their idea of a destination wedding! They brought their friends over and stayed at Villas Estival during the week; they toured the area, enjoyed the beaches and got married!

Planning by: Barbara Broutin FourNineteen Weddings

Hair & Makeup by: Victoria Alfaro Famous Points Beauty Salon

Cake by: Victoria Zoch

Officiant: Einar Villavicencio

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