First time shooting in Liberia!

There’s something about shooting somewhere “new” which is so inspiring. Yesterday wasn’t an exception. When Andrea and Mike called me up to coordinate their engagement session, they suggested we do it in Liberia. Liberia is the capital of Guanacaste, it’s the largest city around this area. They live there, and have a close connection to that location; which is something I love. I was a bit scared of shooting there honestly, however after the first click, our nerves dissapeared, and it turned out completely amazing, and so refreshing! I was in awe of all those spots I had never seen before while driving. Here are a few pics I loved!


One Comment on “First time shooting in Liberia!

  1. Me encantaron las fotos, y además me encanta la idea de ir conociendo más blogs ticos fuera del tema de la moda *que es en el que yo me desenvuelvo*.


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