Melissa & Silvio’s Wedding at Ocotal Beach

Melissa & Silvio had an intimate Sunday wedding with the beautiful Ocotal Beach as their background.  This fusion of italian and american was so much fun, the couple made me feel like one more guest at their wedding; they were extremely welcoming at all times.  We had so much fun during their session!

Thank you Four Nineteen Weddings for the impeccable organization (as always!), and thank you Melissa & Silvio for letting me be a part of this beautiful wedding. Wish you guys the best!


Planning by: FourNineteen Weddings

Venue: Playa Ocotal for ceremony, Villa Estrella for reception and lodging

Flowers: Floristeria Cristal

Cake: Victoria Zoch

Ceremony Music: Trio Los Peninsulares

Rentals (chairs): Oceano Rentals


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