Preview: Mary & Tom

Apparently the sound of thunder scared everyone who was at the beach, which was great for us , since we had the amazing Tamarindo beach all to ourselves!  Saturday was perfect for a beach wedding, beautiful light, low tide with exposed reef, amazing sunset…  I couldn’t have asked for more!  We were a bit concerned that it would rain, with all reason; the sky was dark and the sound of nearby thunder was a bit worrisome.  However, at 5pm we headed towards the beach and as soon as I stepped onto the sand I knew this wedding was going to be more than beautiful.  Donna Mickley, from Pura Vida Weddings was in charge of organizing this romantic elopement at Capitán Suizo Hotel.   Rose petals decorated the beach all the way to the ceremony site, and orchids decorated Mary’s hair.

Thank you Mary & Tom for letting me capture such a special day, and thank you for enjoying the session as much as I did!

Hair & Makeup by: Maravilla Weddings

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